T i n s e l t o w n

Tinseltown: Hollywood and the glamorous world it represents.

This season we’re embracing the glamour of Tinseltown! Consider these pieces the trimming to your holiday wardrobe - because let’s be honest, the tree can’t handle all of the attention! This collection is feminine, festive, and will rise to any occasion!

At Lilli Dokken, my goal is to create memorable, quality, costume jewelry. These styles are truly a labor of love. They are handmade works of art. Each piece features stones that I hand-select and set. Whether it’s incorporating vintage stones or being inspired by another era, vintage is a key element at Lilli Dokken. By merging the past with the present, Lilli Dokken jewelry holds a piece of history – distinguishing itself and the individual wearing it.

Tis’ the season for all things sparkly – so pile it on! Happy holidays to you and yours!

XO Lilli