Luna Lit Lawn Party

The wait is over! I am eager to show off my first collection. These designs were inspired by a modern take on a lavish, Gatsby-esque garden party under the moonlight. Juxtapositions of sharp, deco lines and colors in contrast to natural, organic florals and textures became my constant muse. My hope is that this collection brings you bliss and transforms any outfit you’re wearing. May you feel notable and confident!

I want to thank you for following along as I chase my dreams – creating memorable, quality, costume jewelry that is proudly made in the USA. Most of the Lilli Dokken pieces feature vintage stones or components - distinguishing themselves and the individual wearing them. I am honored to adorn you!

Cheers to many more collections!

XO Lilli
“I could think of nothing except the luminosity of his pink suit under the moon.”
- F. Scott Fitzgerald


“In his blue gardens men & girls came & went like moths among the whisperings & the champagne & the stars.”
- F. Scott Fitzgerald