Moderne Regency

Channel your inner silver-screen starlet this season. We’re commemorating the Golden Age of Hollywood. Inspired by their larger-than-life interiors, this collection evokes the well-known and well-loved Hollywood Regency interior design elements. Think, “more is more!”

At Lilli Dokken, my goal is to create memorable, quality, costume jewelry. These styles are truly a labor of love. They are handmade works of art. Each piece features stones that I hand-select and set. Whether it’s incorporating vintage stones or being inspired by another era, vintage is a key element at Lilli Dokken. By merging the past with the present, Lilli Dokken jewelry holds a piece of history – distinguishing itself and the individual wearing it.

You don’t have to be in Hollywood to feel like a star.

XO Lilli
Romantic, regent, rounds on repeat. The Allie styles mimic the gilded diamond motifs found in Hollywood Regency decor. The muted pink palette acts like a neutral. Their “goes-with-anything color” mingles well with other jewelry or can be worn as a solo standout.

These vintage, blue zircon stones have a unique hue compared to those that are produced today. The color-soaked, jewel-tone teal is tangible. Between the vintage stones and vintage tortoise, these styles hold some serious history!
No stone was left unturned while designing this swinging beauty. To embrace the natural movement of this piece,  double-sided structures were created to assure that there is no unattractive side. We’re nicknaming her, “The ladylike lariat!”